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Many of us today, especially Americans, live dependent on convenience.  From our basic utilities such as running water, heat and electricity to the pre-packaged wonderland of supermarkets, fast-food restaurants and department stores, this ease of life is bought and paid for every day.  The scariest thing?  We don’t even realize this “easy” way of living will lead us to our very own extinction.

Humans are bringing about the 6th mass extinction in recorded history (450 million years), the first of which to be caused by a single species. Fossil data shows normal species extinction rates are 1 species lost per million / per year. Current rates are estimated to be 1,000-10,000 species lost per million / per year.  The #1 driver of biodiversity loss is industrial agriculture and forestry damage.  The most damaged ecosystem is the freshwater ecosystem with a population decline of 50% (1970-2000 WWF) all because of human exploitation, such as water withdrawal for human use, alteration of habitats and deliberate or inadvertent introduction of alien species

With data pointing to catastrophic repercussions for all living species on Earth within a few short decades, is there a way to turn it all around?  Can the one invasive species (humans) that is over-populating, destroying resources, causing species extinction, and damaging ecosystems wake up as a collective and start reversing the damage?  If so, what will it take?  Humans will first have to overcome current elements of resistance such as convenience, ignorance, greed, corporations required by law to turn a profit with no moral compass required, lobbyists who are controlling policies and a small group of world elite who will do anything to remain in control of the masses and the world’s resources.

If we as a global species do not unite and makes changes from the highest level to the smallest contribution our future is clear…we have none.  This collapse of civilization would be another historical tragedy much like the ancient Mayans and the Roman Empire.  Humans are unparalleled in our creativity and accomplishments but so is our greed, consumption, waste and how little we care about the greater good.

This documentary will explore what might happen if the masses wake up.  What if we are able to start a movement of education on how to live more sustainably and re-generatively?  What if the masses started to grow their own food in urban gardens and window boxes, purchased produce from local farmers’ markets instead of the supermarkets, ate less animal products, reproduced less, installed grey water systems and purchased reusable and biodegradable goods, shared manufactured resources and formed communities where cars were less necessary and bikes were the common mode of transportation?  Ultimately creating a drastic reduction in consumption, use of resources, waste and destruction of the environment.  What if we all began to care, put our lives in perspective and made the health & well-being of our planet our priority?  What if we changed the course we are on and did something that for thousands of years to come, will not only be remembered by our future ancestors, but praised?

Is this paradigm shift possible, who are the thought leaders that can show us the way and how can every person on every level of the human species start the shift today?  What will it take to RE-VISION the future?


Producer:  Molly Kiely

Cinematographer: Juan Mosqueda

Lead Consultant & Subject (talent): Josh Graning

For more information email molly@ba-mm.com